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Printed Fire Exit Markers Create an Innovative Safety Solution


Objects blocking fire exits can be a real danger in times of crisis. We decided to create fire exit markers with multiple benefits

Two years ago we started producing something innovative and useful that saves a lot of installation time compared to the alternatives, our fire exit marking system!

A major risk for factories and warehouses are objects blocking fire exits; be they boxes, tools, equipment etc being left in front of fire exits, this creates a major risk in case of fire. The exits can be either blocked or restricted due to unwanted items nearby.

At present companies paint the floor in front of the door, to ensure that the message is conveyed a hazard warning chevron pattern is used along with the text. As one can imagine the amount of work involved to create just one door floor is immense involving labour, 2 different paint colours, letter stencilling, masking (to create the 2-colour chevrons) and time waiting for one colour to dry before the next is applied. The Heskins solution is not only neater, cheaper and easier to apply but also has the added benefit of an industry-leading anti-slip surface.
Our H3416 fire exit markers come complete with the text ‘FIRE EXIT KEEP CLEAR’, are in yellow/black chevrons, coated with our aluminium oxide non slip top coating and a permanent self-adhesive base. Produced in 2 sizes; 1mx1m or 1mx1.5m, they are designed to accommodate single or double fire exit doors. Dependent on the quantity we can produce bespoke text or sizes.

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