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Printed non-slip tape – all you will ever need to know (and more)!


Printed non-slip tape is not only suitable for form, it’s suitable for function too. We can offer printed non-slip tape, read on to find out more…

Non-slip tape is renowned for its practicality, serving as a steadfast guardian against slips and falls in various settings. However, this humble safety essential has evolved beyond functionality, seamlessly marrying form and function. Enter the world of printed non-slip tape, where safety not only serves its primary purpose but also carries your message in vibrant hues.

The Growing Trend: Printing on Non-Slip Tape

In recent times, printing on non-slip tape has gained considerable traction. Customers have embraced the opportunity to infuse their unique message onto this safety marvel. Yet, achieving flawless printing on non-slip tape is no small feat. The tape’s abrasive texture, with its peaks and valleys, poses a challenge when it comes to effectively adhering the ink to the surface. It has taken time, dedication, and expertise to perfect this art.

Unveiling the Printing Methods

At Heskins, we utilize several printing methods to create striking designs on non-slip tape. Let’s explore these methods and their unique characteristics:

  1. Top Surface Print (Full Color): This method is a crowd favourite for our non-slip tape. It offers the advantage of low minimum order quantities (MOQs) and straightforward setups. Moreover, it enables full-colour printing, allowing for the vivid display of photographs and intricate designs with remarkable clarity.
  2. Top Surface Print (Partial Color): For those seeking a cost-effective option with larger setups, the partial colour top surface print is an excellent choice. While it may require larger MOQs, it compensates with faster printing speeds and a competitive price point.
  3. Undersurface Print: Renowned for its durability and impeccable definition, the undersurface print is an economical choice for printed non-slip tape. In this method, printing takes place beneath the plastic film before the adhesive is applied. This unique process ensures that the print remains protected and maintains its vibrancy throughout the product’s lifespan.

Customization Beyond Print

The possibilities with printed non-slip tape extend beyond colour and design. After the printing process, we have the capability to die-cut the tape into the desired shape and size, making a perfect fit for your specific requirements. While in-house capabilities do not include die-cutting to register, we can seamlessly subcontract this service when needed.

Your Printed Non-Slip Solution

If you envision your non-slip tape adorned with custom printing, we invite you to reach out to us. Let’s discuss your preferences, including colours, quantities, and dimensions. Together, we can transform your safety solution into an engaging canvas that carries your unique message.

Stay Informed with Heskins

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In conclusion, printed non-slip tape represents a harmonious blend of safety and aesthetics. It is a testament to the evolution of safety solutions, where functionality goes hand in hand with personal expression. Thank you for considering Heskins as your partner in creating not just safe environments but visually engaging ones. We look forward to bringing your ideas to life through the art of printed non-slip tape.



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