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Printed non-slip tape – all you will ever need to know (and more)!

Anti-Slip Tape

Printed non-slip tape is not only suitable for form, it’s suitable for function too. We can offer printed non-slip tape, read on to find out more…

Printing non-slip tape materials is becoming an increasing part of our work; customers love the chance to have their message printed onto our non-slip tape. Printing onto non-slip tape is not an easy task, the abrasive peaks and valleys make it difficult to adhere effectively onto the surface, and it has taken us a long time to perfect it. Irregular surfaces make it hard for the colours to effectively hold onto the substrate.

We generally print using the following methods.

Top surface print (full colour)

Our most popular choice for our non-slip tape. Only low MOQs (minimum order quantities) are incurred and it is easy to setup. The print is full colour allowing for photos to be shown in good definition.

Top surface print (partial colour)

A larger setup is required and typically larger MOQs but the price is lower as faster speeds are generated.

Undersurface print

A great quality print that is extremely durable that has superb definition and is the most economical printed non-slip tape. The print is printed underneath the plastic film prior to the adhesive being coated, thus the print is always protected and will last the lifetime of the product.

After printing we can die cut the pieces to the required size, this shape can then perfectly conform to your requirement. In house, we do not have the capability to die-cut to register but can subcontract this if required.

If you require our non-slip materials printed then please enquire to discuss colours, quantities, size etc.

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