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Warehouse Markers & Pallet Markers

Product code: H7502

  • Semi-rigid PVC
  • Durable
  • Easy to apply
  • Cost effective

Heskins semi-rigid warehouse markers are made from a semi-rigid PVC. A cost-effective alternative to other warehouse markers and signs while still retaining excellent durability levels that are required in a busy warehouse or factory.

Heskins produce them in a range of shapes for immediate dispatch. Some also feature simple surface prints of letters or numbers with a protective laminated surface.

The lean manufacturing of semi-rigid warehouse and pallet markers allows them to be supplied at low cost. This makes kitting out a factory, warehouse or any other premises with these markers and signs a very cost-effective exercise.

Thin Tape or Paint Alternative?

They are a much preferable solution compared to thin tapes or paint also. Semi-rigid warehouse markers are applied to a clean surface easily by peeling off the backing and sticking down. Once this is done, they are ready for service.

Thin Marking Tapes

Thin tapes are almost as easy to apply but will wear much more quickly, requiring replacement and will potentially leave pieces on the surface, looking unsightly and making any application over the top weaker, due to raised areas that are more likely to be caught and torn.


Paints require an area to be temporarily closed while application takes place. Not only does paint generally require the use of stencils, adding to the time or cost, but there is also drying and airing time, as a lot of paints give off fumes that make it impossible to work safely in. To apply signs facility-wide using paint, it is an expensive and time-consuming process that also requires additional planning time to ensure the least amount of negative impact on productivity.

With minimal to no downtime, low cost, easy application and durable service life, these features make semi-rigid warehouse markers an excellent choice for increasing safety and productivity when marking out your facility.

For more information, or to place an order, you can contact the Heskins sales team by phone or Live Chat. Alternatively, complete the make an enquiry form above and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Warehouse & Pallet Markers (CLICK IMAGES TO VIEW DIMENSIONS)

H7502 Warehouse Marker TL528 L 200mm x 200mm


TL528 – 200mm x 200mm
H7502 Warehouse Marker TL589 T 300mm x 200mm


TL589 – 300mm x 200mm
H7502 Warehouse Marker TL529 X 300mm x 300mm


TL529 – 300mm x 300mm
H7502 Warehouse Marker TL593 Dot 90mm

DOT 90 Ø

H7502 Warehouse Marker TL527 Short Arrow 90mm x 80mm


TL527 – 90mm X 80mm
H7502 Warehouse Marker TL29 Shoe 240mm x 90mm

Shoes (PACK OF 15 PAIRS)

TL29 90mm x 240mm

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