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Reasons Why You Need Coarse Resilient Anti Slip Tape


Why do you need coarse resilient anti slip tape? Well, click on through and read the many reasons we detail here…

Coarse Resilient anti slip tape was created by us over seven years ago. We wanted a material that was non-abrasive, yet would have sufficient depth so that it could look and feel like an abrasive product. A non-abrasive material has properties that are extremely important for many applications, they include;

1. Easy to clean – minerals will abrade mops, brushes etc. Minerals can harbor dirt so make a surface look dirty very easily.

2. Minerals create hidden areas – as an abrasive coating is by nature a random effect the minerals can fall onto the surface randomly. The areas not readily exposed can harbor dirt, bacteria and other contaminants. Non-abrasive products are ideal for areas where a sterile surface is required. These could be hospitals, pharmaceutical production sites, laboratories etc.

3. Minerals can shed – although our safety-grip is uniquely constructed in that it is not only coated twice by resin but also low oven-baked twice the mineral top surface can become detached (we use mainly aluminium oxide but also S2 and silicon carbide dependent on material & application). Non-abrasive will not shed; they may wear down but will not shed.

4. Softer surface – barefoot applications should use non-abrasives, they are kind to skin.

5. They will not abrade – if an object is pressed against the surface, an abrasive material will abrade it. Mineral hardness is measured on the Mohs scale, aluminium oxide is 9, much harder than topazes and quartz and only one grade less than diamonds, and our minerals can easily scratch and destroy any object that they are pressed against!

For over 15 years we have produced non-abrasive anti-slip materials such as aqua-safe, but our Coarse Resilient anti slip tape was designed to be different, we wanted the deep valleys and good material thickness. Our first material, MK1, was excellent, really popular, good surface grip and great depth. Our MK1 had a fabric back which was required due to the plastic used but we thought its presence was unnecessary. Our MK2 was the next development, we created this in 2011. Made from a solid homogenous piece of plastic with a thick adhesive coating. MK2 was very popular. In 2013 we launched our latest version. MK3 is constructed from a totally different and unusual plastic-type, it allows us to create sharp angles that mimic an abrasive surface, and the valleys are sharp and defined. We further developed this into a thinner material; Coarse Resilient Lean anti-slip tape which is our code H3451. Due to the popularity of both MK2 & MK3, they will be continued in parallel. MK2 Coarse Resilient is H3415 and MK3 is H3450. Samples and datasheets are always available on request.


At Heskins, we give you the opportunity for custom orders, whether that be a specific colour from the RAL Pantone or a specific tape length. For bespoke orders, fill out the contact form.

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