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Red and White Resilient Tape Now Available


Resilient tape is an excellent anti-slip tape, due to it also being kind to bare skin. Resilient tape is now available in red and white, read more here…

Resilient tape was a milestone for us when we first created it because it was the first non-abrasive anti-slip tape that could achieve levels of grip only previously obtainable with abrasive non-slip products. Resilient tapes non-abrasive finish means it is kind to bare skin, so is great to use in areas where bare feet are exposed or minimal clothing is worn, such as boats or swimming pools, while still offering fantastic slip prevention to prevent injuries or increase foothold. Recently, we have created two more colours to add to the range.

Previous to this, Resilient tape was available in black, yellow and green, but now we have not only added white, but we have added red to the range too, increasing the colour options for our customers straight from the shelf, helping to reduce lead times further. This is due to the number of requests made for these two colours in our bespoke services. Of course, with our bespoke services, we can create resilient anti-slip tape in any colour matching Pantone or RAL colour references, and as with our white and red resilient tape, if enough requests for a particular colour is made, we put it into full production, ensuring that our customers can receive the product much quicker. We feel that offering bespoke services allow us to not only serve our customers better but also help us to stand out from the rest.

We can offer samples of our products, so if you would like to see the quality of our red and white resilient anti slip tape first hand, you can do so by getting in touch with us. We offer samples of our entire range of products; such is our confidence with them.

What Is Non-Abrasive Tape?

Non Abrasive tape is the opposite of abrasive tape. This means that it is made out of a slightly different material. Our abrasive tape is made out of a 60-grit aluminium oxide that is harmful to bare skin and also to certain materials it can tarnish the fabric. However, our non-abrasive tape is a smooth surface with lots of grooves embossed into the material, making it completely skin friendly and also friendly to materials. This also makes it very easy to clean, as a mop or a cloth can clean it. The embossed material is what provides the non-slip properties.

Other Grades Of Resilient

  • Coarse Resilient – Improved non-slip properties
  • Lean Coarse Resilient – This is a much thinner option of our resilient tapes
  • Thick Coarse Resilient – Holding the same non-slip properties but having a thickness of 2mm

To view more information on our resilient anti slip tape, please visit the website. To make an order, you can contact us by phone, email, live chat, or the contact us form situated on the page.

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