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Safety Meets Design: Unveiling Advanced Anti-Slip Tape Printing

Printed Anti Slip Tape

Anti slip tape printing is becoming a bigger and bigger part of our output, we now have two full width printing lines in the UK (with necessary post and pre-printing equipment) and we expect our US factory to have an even larger investment by the summer of 2023. As we manufacture what we sell we have the unique advantage of being able to under-surface print. Under-surface printing is being able to print underneath a clear product, it enables us to create a printed anti slip tape that is completely durable as the print is protected at all times. Under-surface printing is not only more complex (all designs are in reverse and all materials are processed upside down) but it means that it must be produced without adhesive, that is the real challenge. As a manufacturer of anti slip tape we hold large WIP (work-in-progress) of our materials without adhesive for coating at a later time or under-surface printing.

Our H3415T Clear Coarse Resilient is superb for under-surface printing; its deep emboss creates an almost 3D type effect that really suits all prints from basic text to complex full colour visuals. Coarse Resilient possesses very high levels of grip (measured of coefficient of friction) is fully optically clear so will allow all colours to be sharp and is extremely effective.

How does under-surface printing enhance the durability of anti-slip tape?

Under-surface printing places the design beneath a clear protective layer, safeguarding the print from wear and tear. This method ensures that the design remains intact and visible, even in high-traffic areas, significantly enhancing the tape’s durability and lifespan.

Can you customise anti-slip tape with company logos or specific colour schemes?

Absolutely! Our under-surface printing technology allows for a wide range of customisations, including company logos, specific colour schemes, and intricate designs. This makes it perfect for businesses looking to enhance brand visibility or adhere to specific aesthetic guidelines.

Is the printed anti-slip tape suitable for outdoor use?

Yes, our printed anti-slip tape is designed to withstand various outdoor conditions. The under-surface printing method ensures that the print is not directly exposed to the elements, maintaining its grip and visual integrity even in wet or harsh environments.

How environmentally friendly is the production process of your anti-slip tape?

We are committed to sustainable practices throughout our production process. Our materials are selected with environmental impact in mind, and we continually seek ways to reduce waste and energy consumption. The under-surface printing also contributes to this goal by minimising the need for frequent replacements.

What makes your anti-slip tape different from other products on the market?

Our unique under-surface printing capability sets us apart, allowing for durable, visually appealing designs that cannot be scratched or worn away. Additionally, our commitment to manufacturing in-house ensures high-quality control and the flexibility to offer customised solutions to meet our clients’ specific needs.

If you want any help with printed anti slip tape please make contact, we can help.


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