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Shaded Hazard Anti-Slip Tape


Hazard tape is always popular, but at present for social distancing measures, it is number 1! Read about shaded hazard and social distancing anti-slip tape.

H3434D black yellow shaded safety grip tape. We produce many of our tapes in a hazard finish. The stark contrast of the chevrons is instantly recognisable to virtually all ages as an indicator that danger is near.

At present, as anyone can imagine, anything that has a hazard finish and can be used for floor marking is extremely popular for social distancing purposes. We are constantly having to produce more of our anti-slip tape and floor tape to replenish stock levels for our black/yellow and red/white safety tapes especially.

There is one tape with a hazard finish produced by us that is in stock and ready for immediate dispatch that we do not list but would happily sell at a reduced price. We have H3434 shaded Safety-Grip in black/yellow and red­/white. You can find out more about the shaded variant by reading this blog post.

Social distancing anti-slip tape can have two purposes; one, it can provide hi-viz marking to ensure social distancing is enforced effectively. Two, it means that there is no detrimental impact by potentially using a tape with a surface that can increase slip hazards, particularly where water is involved. Having social distancing anti-slip tape at entrances for places such as supermarkets and superstores means that during rainy days, your social distance marking will not potentially become a slip hazard.

Virtually all of our abrasive Safety Grip range can be used as social distancing anti-slip tape, with a minority of the range being an exception, as they are produced for a specific application and do not currently have a wide colour range.

View our products suitable for use as social distancing anti-slip tape here.

For more information on H3434 shaded Safety-Grip, you can contact us by phone or live chat. Alter­natively, complete the contact us form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.



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