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Skateboard Grip Tape Application Instructions, How to Apply Grip Tape


We are asked all the time how to apply grip tape to a skateboard, so it was about time we created a video explaining that very process… View it here.

As previously mentioned in other blog posts we produce skateboard grip tape.

The most common question we get asked is how to apply grip tape, my colleagues and I have spent possibly hundreds of hours over the past few years explaining how to do it so we have created a video!
The video should be informative and instructive, I hope it helps.

This video provides you with the correct advice for applying our skateboard grip tape, available in standard and perforated, to a Skateboard deck.
We recommend using a file or screwdriver, to score the edge of the board once the skateboard grip tape has been applied, and a razor or boxcutter to cut away the excess grip tape. For the final stage use an allen key to punch the truck holes through the deck. This will create a very neat, and well-fitted skateboard grip tape.


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