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Slip Prevention in Wet Areas


In 2013, an estimated 646,000 people had accidents at work. Read inside to find out how many were due to slips and how we can help with slip prevention…

In areas where removing water is not an option, slip hazards increase tenfold and to prevent injuries, serious consi­dera­tions have to be made to prevent visitors, employees or even yourself falling foul of potential slips & falls.

In 2013, an estimated 646,000 workers had an accident at work, with roughly over a third of that number resulting in injuries that led to over 3 days absence from work, appro­ximately ¾ over a week of absence. In the food and drink industry, slips make up appro­ximately 80% of the reported injuries to the HSE, with 90% of these resulting from wet or contaminated surfaces. Areas such as swimming pools, boats, restaurants, water parks and supermarkets are just a few notable environments where water exposure is possible, and while keeping walking areas as clean and dry as possible is an important part of the safety process, it is not always effective enough. However, keeping areas clean and dry is very important, for not only hygiene but to prevent the growth of algae and mildew, which can make a surface even more hazardous. Even those that do the sensible thing and opt for textured flooring for walkways that are constantly exposed to water, some of them may not be as effective as first perceived, resulting in a surface that still poses slip risks. Anti-slip tape is a suitable back up to your slip prevention methods, with the ability to apply it on any surface that may require some rein­for­cement. Non-abrasive anti slip tape is available for situations such as this, as the surface is perfectly fine to walk on with bare feet, so is suitable for use in swimming pools, showers and water parks etc. The reason why non-abrasive anti-slip tape will not harm bare feet is down to its construc­tion. An embossed PVC that when finished has a softer feel, so while still having the peaks to prevent slips, lacks all the sharp minerals that would cause damage to skin, items of clothing etc, making it perfect for this kind of application. Non-abrasive anti-slip tapes lack of valleys in the material also make it suitable for areas that have strict hygiene standards. It means bacteria cannot harbour, and it will not damage cleaning implements, so it is very easy to clean.
Application is as easy as peeling off the backing liner and applying it to a surface which dry, clean and free from grease and is ready to use immediately.

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