Tenura: Exciting New Brand Launched!

Looking at the amount of blog posts I have created over the past few months one would think we have all been extremely busy with new products and new ideas, which could be true, but, for us none has been as important as our launch of Tenura®.­  For many years we strongly believed that the elderly and disabled market was poorly served for non-slip and grip materials, the existing products were old fashioned, possess potential health risks due to their contents and were very limited.­  I and one of my colleagues, Gerard, decided to see whether we could use some of our expertise into building on what was already in the market­place.­  After a short time it was apparent that we had to start fresh, all of the products were designed in the 1970s and had not been updated since, so much has changed since that time; new materials, higher levels of grip, new production methods and, very importantly, the PVC plastics that are being used raise serious questions about their safety and continuing use, they possess very high levels of phtha­lates.­  Over two years we developed a range of materials never seen before, and are perfect to incorporate into a system to assist in maintaining independent living, our website, www.­tenura.­co.­uk shows the complete range.  The Tenura range is split into four categories;  

Tenura Mats, Coasters and Openers

  Range of Tenura Products Designed for Independent Living We wanted a range of materials that are not only free from phthalates (please see phthalates) but possessing higher levels of grip, much higher temperature resistance, longer lifespan and a lower price.  After many meetings, dead-ends and meetings with plastic consultants we achieved this.  Our range of daily living aids is ground breaking, it possesses so many advantages and at a lower price.  

Tenura Extreme

Tenura Extreme Grip Mat in Green My mother uses a walking frame, on top of the frame is a ‘caddie’ to carry a cup holder, the cup can only be one type due to size restrictions and the holder is a huge, expensive piece of moulded plastic.­  What a complete waste of plastic, money and space, not to mention, very difficult to use.  I modified one of our existing products, removed the plastic moulding and used it on the caddy, it works brilliantly and Tenura Extreme was born!  Tenura Extreme is, as hard as this is to say, totally unique, we own the sole inter­national rights to this creative material.­  It works like nothing else you have ever seen, a disabled person can place their cup (or any other object on it), the cup will not fall off at any angle, the Tenura Extreme holds it securely, to remove it you ‘snap’ it to the side, no adhesive residue is left behind.­  When the Tenura Extreme gets dirty, dusty or generally tired, this is the amazing bit, simply wash it under plain water, the adhesive properties come back like they were at the beginning!­  The product is on trial with several univer­si­ties, charities and public bodies ( someone is even developing it to be used as a holder for a certain electronic device made by a company that has a fruit theme ), the feedback has been amazing, we have received nothing but enthusiastic comments, and we will soon be publishing their test reports.  

Tenura Non-Slip Fabric

Tenura Black Non Slip Fabric as shelf liner We have steadily expanded our range of non slip fabrics, the market, though not large, is not well served.  We created a Tenura branded range; all the materials are bar-coded and have an attractive outer wrap to help resellers and can be utilised in many, many ways. Tenura non slip fabric is available in black, beige and white.  

Tenura Aqua Safe Anti Slip Bath/Shower Strips and Discs

Tenura Aqua Safe Anti Slip Bath/Shower Discs One of most common requests is a material for use in baths and showers to stop people slipping, our aqua-safe anti slip bathroom products range is ideal for this; we decided the put these into the Tenura range.  We offer aqua-safe disks and strips, all on 50mmx3m rolls within a bar-coded and branded outer.  

Tenura Branding

  We are so positive about the potential of our Tenura range we wanted to create our own brand.  All the products come complete in compli­menting packaging, each one has a barcode, photos and application details.­  Resellers will be very well served; we are offering the unique range at very attractive prices.   The response we received when launched at the Naidex exhibition was incredible, all the major UK resellers approached our stand and wanted to enter into discussion to replace their incumbent range with Tenura, a huge amount of public bodies chose to specify it and a wide range of end-users loved the help it can bring to their lives.  We will soon be exhibiting at major exhibitions in Germany and America.  

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