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Thick Safety Grip Now Available


Very thick Safety Grip has been a request for some time now, but previously there were too many obstacles. Now we are proud to announce thick Safety Grip!

For many years we have been requested to produce very thick anti-slip materials, but achieving this has created many production problems. The thickest plastic films that we can purchase to make our products from are typically no thicker than 1.4mm, the choice of films above 0.5mm becomes very difficult to source and the limited range is terrible, as we cannot specify colours or properties. We have historically resisted trying to produce thick anti-slip tapes, as we have tried to source the films we need (the MOQs are huge) and change our production processes to handle the new depth, but a thick product makes slitting almost impossible. In early 2015 we made the decision to produce 2mm thick Safety Grip. The decision was fraught and is quite literally a gamble!

We have worked with one of the world’s main film producers and have committed to their ginormous MOQ, and alongside this, we have modified the necessary production machinery as well as invested in a new range of high-volume crush cut blade holders.

As of July 2015, we are producing 2mm thick Safety-Grip in one grit grade (in-between standard and coarse) and one colour; black. 2mm anti-slip tape (the actual thickness is slightly more due to adhesion applied etc) does have so many uses, it stands proud in a recess (we can make to any plus or minus tolerance as required), provides depth and has high tensile strength properties. It is supplied in rolls or die-cut shapes and is due to us buying the base film in such a large quantity it is very economically priced.

Thick Safety-Grip generally provides better grip and durability compared to thinner tapes. Here are some benefits of using thick Safety-Grip:

  • Better slip resistance: Thicker tapes have a deeper, more aggressive texture that provides better slip resistance, especially in wet or oily conditions.
  • Increased durability: Thicker tapes are more resistant to wear and tear, and are less likely to crack or peel over time. This means they can provide longer-lasting slip protection.
  • Improved comfort: Thick tapes provide a more cushioned and comfortable surface to walk or stand on, which can be especially important in industrial or commercial settings where workers may be on their feet for long periods of time.
  • Better visibility: Thicker tapes may also have a more prominent colour or pattern, making them more visible and easier to see, which can be important for safety reasons.

Overall, thick Safety-Grip can provide better grip, durability, comfort, and visibility, making it a good choice for areas where slip and fall hazards are a concern.

For more information, head over to the product page on the website. If you would like to talk to use regarding placing an order, please contact us by phone, email, Live Chat or the contact us form on the website.

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