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Tips for Applying Large Units of Non Slip Tape


A customer told us about one of their non-slip tape application jobs recently. Read the post on how they saved time applying Heskins non-slip tape!

We recently received an email from a customer showing us one of their application jobs, and mentioned that they would like us to spread the word. They recently had a job commissioned to apply 180 pieces of die-cut non-sip tape. This is by no means a small task, as the steps required take a ridiculously long time to complete a job of this size! Fortunately, the guys came up with a solution! A template! By creating a template, the same size as each application area, they could mark the steps for application to achieve a really neat end result.

Each concrete slab that made up the steps would have 5 strips of Safety-Grip™ non-slip tape applied to them, so with this in mind, they created a template out of PVC, which had sections cut out matching the size of each Safety-Grip™ die cut. Not only did they use this to mark out the application area, but it meant they could also apply surface primer, Heskins solution for sealing porous surfaces, neatly, without overspill.

This simple, yet innovative solution, allowed, as you can see in the picture, a very neat application, with the surface sealed and the Safety-Grip’­s™ adhesive protected from moisture degradation. The template allowed the job to be completed much more efficiently, in a much shorter amount of time, with an extremely professional finish.

We now recommend creating a template for large jobs such as this, as these images are proof of what an exceptional finish using such a simple tool creates. If you require application advice for our non-slip tapes, then feel free to contact us by phone, live chat or complete the contact us form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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