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Heskins Expands Its Anti-Slip Tape Printing Operations in the UK and Beyond

Printed Anti Slip Tape

Over the years, Heskins has recognised the growing demand for printed anti-slip tape, and it gives us immense pleasure to share that this segment is witnessing an exponential growth in our production line. Notably, our UK facility boasts two full-width printing lines, complemented with state-of-the-art post and pre-printing equipment. As we continue to scale, we anticipate our US factory to undergo an even more significant expansion by the summer of 2023.

The Heskins Advantage: Manufacturing and Under-Surface Printing

Being the manufacturers of the products we sell puts us in a unique position, granting us the capability for under-surface printing. But what exactly is under-surface printing? It refers to the technique of printing underneath a clear product, ensuring that the print remains protected at all times. This results in the production of an anti-slip tape that boasts unmatched durability.

The process, though advantageous, is not devoid of challenges. The intricacy of under-surface printing lies in the fact that all designs need to be rendered in reverse, and materials are processed upside down. Moreover, producing such tapes without adhesive remains one of the most significant hurdles. However, as a leading manufacturer of anti-slip tape, we maintain an extensive work-in-progress (WIP) stock of our materials, ensuring they are available for coating or under-surface printing as and when required.

Spotlight: H3415T Clear Coarse Resilient

Our H3415T Clear Coarse Resilient tape is a game-changer when it comes to under-surface printing. Its unique deep emboss imparts an almost 3D-like visual effect, making it an ideal choice for various prints, be it simple text or intricate full-colour visuals. Furthermore, the Coarse Resilient tape provides exceptional grip, with its coefficient of friction being a testament to its efficacy. Being fully optically clear, it guarantees sharpness in colour, enhancing the overall visual appeal while ensuring maximum safety.

What Designs Can Be Customed Printed onto Tape?

Branding, text, shapes, images and more, you can get messages and company messages across in this distinctive medium we call custom printed tapes.

Here Are Some Examples of Where Custom Printed Tape is Benefical

Under-surface printed anti-slip tapes are especially beneficial in industries and applications where durability, visibility, and safety are paramount. Some industries and applications that can particularly benefit include:

Marine Industry

Given the wet conditions on boats, yachts, and marinas, anti-slip tapes are essential. Under-surface printing ensures that safety markings or logos remain visible and intact despite constant exposure to water and moisture.

Construction and Infrastructure

On construction sites, stairways, bridges, or platforms, these tapes can provide safety information, direction, or company branding. Given the rough conditions, the under-surface print ensures the information doesn’t wear off quickly.


In buses, trains, and subways, anti-slip tapes with under-surface printing can offer directions, safety information, or branding, ensuring passengers’ safety while maintaining clarity over time.

Commercial Establishments

Shopping malls, hotels, and other commercial spaces that see heavy footfall can benefit from durable anti-slip tapes, especially in areas prone to spills or moisture, like near fountains or restrooms.

Healthcare Facilities

In hospitals or clinics, where cleanliness and safety are crucial, under-surface printed tapes can guide patients and staff or indicate restricted areas.

Sports and Recreational Facilities

Swimming pools, gyms, sports arenas, and other recreational areas can use these tapes to ensure participant safety while conveying instructions or branding.

Warehousing and Logistics

Warehouses often employ floor markings for organisational and safety purposes. Given the movement of heavy machinery and goods, the durability of under-surface printed tapes ensures longevity.

Manufacturing Plants

In areas where there’s machinery, chemicals, or heavy equipment, durable floor markings can be vital for safety. Under-surface printing ensures these markings don’t fade due to spills, abrasions, or chemical exposure.

Public Areas and Institutions

Schools, libraries, museums, and other public institutions can use these tapes for demarcation, safety, or informational purposes.

Events and Exhibitions

Temporary setups like trade shows or exhibitions can benefit from the durability of under-surface printed tapes, especially in high-traffic areas.

In all these applications, the primary advantage of under-surface printed anti-slip tapes is the combination of safety (due to the anti-slip feature) and durability (due to the protected printing). The clear layer protecting the print ensures that essential information or designs remain visible and intact, even in high-traffic or harsh conditions.

Let’s Collaborate

If the realm of printed anti-slip tape intrigues you, or if you seek expert assistance in this domain, please don’t hesitate to reach out. At Heskins, we are always ready to assist, ensuring you receive top-notch solutions tailored to your needs.


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