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White Marine Anti Slip Tape Now Available


Marine anti slip tape is our first tape produced specifically for marine application. Read more info on our new white marine anti slip tape here.

At Heskins, we continuously strive to develop cutting-edge solutions to address specific industry needs. We are thrilled to introduce our first-ever anti-slip tape designed specifically for marine applications. In this blog post, we will provide you with detailed information about our new white marine anti-slip tape, carefully crafted to enhance safety and deliver reliable slip protection for various water-going vessels. Discover the benefits that make this tape an invaluable addition to our marine product range.

Tailor-Made for Marine Slip Protection: Our marine anti-slip tape is meticulously engineered to meet the specific slip protection requirements of water-going vessels, regardless of whether they are used for commercial, competitive, or casual purposes. This tape is specifically designed to deliver reliable traction, ensuring safety even in wet and slippery conditions. Unlike our aluminium oxide coating found in other abrasive tapes, our marine anti-slip tape is created using S2, which incorporates small glass beads. These glass beads offer exceptional slip protection, ensuring optimal grip and stability. This specialised design not only enhances safety but also ensures comfort when walking barefoot, making it ideal for various marine applications.

The Addition of White Marine Anti-Slip Tape: We are delighted to introduce the latest colour option to our marine anti-slip tape range: white. Alongside the existing colour choices of blue, black, and grey, the inclusion of white marine anti-slip tape expands the options available to match the aesthetics and design preferences of different vessels. Whether you are seeking a classic white appearance or aiming to coordinate the tape with your vessel’s colour scheme, our white marine anti-slip tape provides a versatile solution that enhances both safety and visual appeal.

Superior Slip Resistance and Comfort: Heskins white marine anti-slip tape offers exceptional slip resistance to ensure stability and safety on watercraft surfaces. The incorporation of small glass beads maximises traction, providing reliable grip even in wet or slick conditions. This tape’s slip-resistant properties contribute to enhanced stability and reduced risks of slips, trips, and falls, creating a safer environment for crew members, passengers, and anyone on board. Furthermore, the tape’s design takes into account the comfort of users, making it suitable for walking barefoot during those moments when a more relaxed atmosphere is warranted.

Explore Further Sizing and Product Information: To access more detailed information regarding the sizes and specifications of our white marine anti-slip tape, we invite you to visit the dedicated product page on our website. There, you will find comprehensive information to assist you in selecting the most appropriate tape for your marine application.

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The introduction of Heskins white marine anti-slip tape showcases our unwavering commitment to addressing the unique safety needs of water-going vessels. With its exceptional slip resistance, comfort, and versatility, this tape provides enhanced safety and stability for crew members, passengers, and individuals on board. The addition of white to our marine anti-slip tape range offers greater options for customisation and design coordination. Visit our website to explore further sizing and product information, and subscribe to our blog posts and newsletters to stay informed about the latest marine safety solutions from Heskins. Experience the reliability and effectiveness of Heskins white marine anti-slip tape on your watercraft for enhanced safety and peace of mind on the open seas.



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