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Yellow Coarse Resilient Anti Slip Tape Available Now!


Coarse resilient anti slip tape is known as our industrial non-abrasive product. We have recently added yellow coarse resilient anti-slip tape to the range.

Coarse resilient anti-slip tape has been available for a while in various colours. Over the past year or so we have slowly increased the choice, and our latest addition, yellow, adds a warming touch to the range. Coarse resilient is known as our more industrial non-abrasive anti-slip material, useful for many areas exposed to water that are also prone to build-ups of dirt. The complete range at present consists of black, grey, white, blue, clear and now yellow. Yellow is a suitable addition to the range, as it allows users of coarse resilient anti slip tape to add a hi-visibility safety product to an area also, notifying people to use caution.­ Adding as many useful functions to a product increases its cost effec­tiveness as well as safety potential. Starting with a plastic film, it is then embossed on one side to create a surface texture, a technique used often with our non-abrasives. What sets it apart during the manuf­ac­turing process is micro-blowing, which helps create a more coarse finish with bigger peaks and troughs, to ensure industrial level performance, but is still kind to bare skin. Coarse resilient anti slip tape can be used in many areas, docks, boats, washrooms, swimming pools, oil rigs and even on handrails and steps. Yellow coarse resilient anti slip tape is available in roll widths up to 1346mm and you can place orders now.

To do so, or to enquire, please contact us by phone, email, live chat or the contact us form on the site.

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