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Yellow Coarse Resilient Anti Slip Tape Available Now!


Coarse resilient anti slip tape is known as our industrial non-abrasive product. We have recently added yellow coarse resilient anti-slip tape to the range.

Coarse resilient anti-slip tape is a highly sought-after industrial non-abrasive product renowned for its reliability and effectiveness in enhancing safety. We are thrilled to announce the latest colour of our coarse resilient range: yellow coarse resilient anti-slip tape.

Over the years, coarse resilient anti-slip tape has gained popularity in various industries. Recognising the demand for a wider selection, we have diligently expanded our range, and the inclusion of yellow tape brings a warm and visually appealing option to our customers. While maintaining its industrial-grade quality, the coarse resilient tape serves as a non-abrasive solution, making it ideal for areas exposed to water and prone to dirt accumulation.

Our comprehensive range currently includes black, grey, white, blue, clear, and the newest addition, yellow. The introduction of yellow tape provides more than just aesthetic value. It incorporates a high-visibility safety feature, allowing users of coarse resilient anti-slip tape to alert individuals to exercise caution in designated areas. This additional function significantly enhances the safety potential of the product, offering a cost-effective solution that prioritises both efficiency and well-being.

The manufacturing process of coarse resilient anti-slip tape involves starting with a plastic film that is then embossed on one side to create a textured surface—a technique commonly employed in our non-abrasive tape production. However, what sets it apart is the application of micro-blowing during manufacturing. This technique results in a more coarse finish with larger peaks and troughs, ensuring industrial-level performance while still being gentle on bare skin.

The applications for coarse resilient anti-slip tape are extensive, making it a versatile choice for numerous industries. Its exceptional grip and durability make it suitable for environments such as docks, boats, washrooms, swimming pools, oil rigs, and even handrails and steps. By implementing yellow coarse resilient anti-slip tape, users can enhance safety while providing clear visual cues to proceed with caution.

To cater to diverse needs, our yellow coarse resilient anti-slip tape is available in roll widths of up to 1346mm. We understand the importance of providing options that align with various requirements and project sizes. With our wide range of widths, you can easily select the most suitable size for your specific application.

To place an order or make an inquiry, we offer multiple convenient channels of communication. You can contact Heskins via phone or through the Contact Us form on our website.

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Thank you for choosing our coarse resilient anti-slip tape to enhance safety in your environment. We are honoured to be part of your safety journey and look forward to serving you with our premium products and excellent customer service. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or inquiries.



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