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The Benefits of TBS SpeedGrip, Where Cushioning Meets Non-Slip Efficiency

Non Abrasive Anti Slip Tape

Heskins TBS SpeedGrip anti slip foam is a new, and highly unusual material for our range.

H5402 TBS SpeedGrip anti slip foam is a self-adhesive mildly anti-slip foam that has unique properties and purposes. As a company we always strive to have the world’s highest performing coefficient ofr friction for anti slip materials, TBS SpeedGrip is different. With TBS SpeedGrip we only want a very marginal anti slip performance but it needs to have superior cushioning. TBS SpeedGrip provides the following special properties;

For High Value Production Lines

TBS SpeedGrip is already used on ultra high value consumer good production areas. The world’s most expensive bags are produced on top of TBS SpeedGrip. TBS SpeedGrip provides a cushioned base with slight anti slip properties, even our non-abrasive anti slip materials could potentially mark the premium leathers and exotic skins used to produce the ultra high value items. TBS SpeedGrip provides such marginal non-slip properties that it provides some grip but just enough to mildly prevent them sliding. If the bags or the objets d’art are knocked over then the 3mm thick cushioning helps to prevent damage. For any producer of ultra high value products, TBS SpeedGrip anti slip foam offers significant and unique advantages.

Nautical Use

TBS SpeedGrip is perfect for use inside lockers; the deep 3mm cushioning helps to prevent damage to both contents and the lockers. The mild anti slip properties of TBS SpeedGrip help to prevent sliding inside the lockers thus protecting the materials.

TBS SpeedGrip is often used on yachts to prevent damage to the deck and to the equipment; the thick foam provides cushioning that prevents against most deck impacts.

The TBS Speedgrip has a high quality permanent self-adhesive base combined with a 3mm foam base that, if compressed, will soon recover to its original form thus providing reassurance.

As always the Heskins technical sales team are always on hand to provide technical help and advice, all free. We look forward to hearing from you!


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