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TBS SpeedGrip Non-Slip Foam Tape

Product code: H5402

  • Mild anti-slip for delicate surfaces
  • Superior cushioning for high-value items
  • Permanent self-adhesive for lasting application
  • Ideal for nautical, luxury goods production, and more
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Heskins H5402 TBS SpeedGrip Anti Slip Foam is a unique solution in our range, designed to offer mild anti-slip properties combined with superior cushioning. This product is engineered for applications where the utmost care and protection of high-value items are crucial, ensuring minimal slip with maximum cushioning. TBS SpeedGrip stands out for its application in luxury goods manufacturing and nautical environments, providing both safety and preservation of quality.


TBS SpeedGrip’s specialised composition makes it perfect for use in areas where both cushioning and slight anti-slip properties are required. It has found its niche in the production of the world’s most expensive consumer goods, such as luxury bags and objets d’art, providing a cushioned yet stable base that protects delicate materials from damage. Additionally, its application inside yacht lockers and on decks illustrates its versatility and effectiveness in preventing material slide and cushioning against impacts.


Heskins TBS SpeedGrip Anti Slip Foam is crafted with a 3mm foam base that quickly recovers its form after compression, ensuring lasting protection and resilience. For inquiries about specific dimensions or custom sizes, our sales team is ready to provide tailored solutions.


The TBS SpeedGrip Anti Slip Foam features a high-quality, permanent self-adhesive base paired with a 3mm thick foam layer. This combination not only secures the material in place but also provides significant cushioning and mild anti-slip properties. The foam’s ability to return to its original shape after compression offers long-term reliability and reassurance.

Cushioning with Mild Anti-Slip Properties

Designed specifically to offer marginal non-slip properties without compromising the material beneath, TBS SpeedGrip is optimal for protecting high-value items from slipping and potential damage. Its exceptional cushioning capability adds an extra layer of security for delicate and premium materials.

Easy Application

The self-adhesive nature of the TBS SpeedGrip foam allows for easy and permanent application, ensuring that it stays in place while providing the needed protection and stability.

Samples and Sales Support

We offer samples of the Heskins H5402 TBS SpeedGrip Anti Slip Foam for evaluation. Our experienced sales team is also available to provide technical assistance, answer any queries, and offer advice on our range of products.

Customisation Options

TBS SpeedGrip Anti-Slip Foam can be tailored to meet specific requirements, including custom dimensions and specifications, depending on order volume. For more information on customisation, please contact our sales department.


Pantone / RAL
Black 3 C / 7021
Average LRV


Light Reflectance Values

Product code Colour Av. LRV Range
H5402N Black 0.47 0.23

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