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Brown Reflective Tape Now Available

Retail and Distributor Products

Heskins cost-effective, high-visibility reflective marking tape is now available in brown. Read about brown reflective tape in this blog post.

Our simple, yet highly effective reflective tape is now available in brown.

Previously a constituent to some of our other materials, a while ago now we decided to release it as a safety product in its’ own right. As it’s a cost-effective material, it allows users to quickly and easily apply in areas that are potentially dangerous or hazardous to warn foot or vehicle traffic, reducing the risk of accidents.

Its hi-visibility surface warns of potential dangers by way of reflecting light, making it very easy to spot. There are many colours available including red/white and black/white hazard. Brown is the most recent addition. The full colour range can be seen here.

It’s high-visibility safety features can be useful on walkways, stairways, ledges, low hanging objects and even large-scale areas whose entrance requires Hi-Viz marking. The permanent adhesive backing allows for a long-term bond and will not break down under all but the most testing of envi­ron­mental conditions. Application is best done on a clean, dry surface as always. Heskins have a range of ancillaries that can be used to help with application and prolong service life.

For more information on reflective tape, or to place an order you can contact our sales team via live chat or phone. Alter­natively complete the contact us form and a member of our sales team will get back to you as soon as possible.



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