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How to Remove PermaStripe


PermaStripe is some of the toughest marking tapes on the market, but is it too tough to remove? We talk about how to remove PermaStripe in this blog post.

PermaStripe is an industrial-grade, self-adhesive marking tape that is very, very tough and easy to apply. Lines and shapes can be quickly applied in minutes to any clean, dry surface by hand.

We mention this often, but one of the many advantages we don’t talk about in great detail is that it can be readily removed.

The adhesive is an uber-strong, permanent one. Designed to hold to surfaces fast after application. But what if you re-organise your work area, or damage occurs (PermaStripe, while tough, is not Superman) you will need to know how much of a job removing PermaStripe is going to be…

We’re happy to say it’s an easy one. The durability features that PermaStripe possesses to keep it strong during its service life are virtually the same features that make it easy to remove. The adhesive is strong, but the extremely tough, homogenous 1mm plastic with a PET carrier that PermaStripe is made of means that it will not break apart on removal, making it easy to peel up once a corner has been lifted.

The process can be explained in a couple of steps below:

  • Lift a corner either using your thumb or a scraper of some kind. We don’t recommend knives for this, as they are sharp and dangerous, and sometimes PermaStripe will not lift immediately.
  • Once the corner is lifted, remove the PermaStripe by peeling it back on itself.

In cold environments, or to make removal even more effortless, using a heat gun is recommended. This will warm the material and adhesive to make the adhesive easier to remove and the PermaStripe material a little more flexible.

PermaStripe is available in various sizes and colours. We produce a range of other marking tape options too. For further information, you can speak to a member of our sales team via phone or live chat. Alternatively, complete the contact us form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.



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