PermaCover - Warehouse floor signs - Customised and Bespoke!

We produce a large number of warehouse self adhesive floor marking signs, we supply them to other companies throughout Europe for distribution into catalogues, lean production supply companies etc.  For quantities of a few hundred or less we have not previously been able to create any form of custom designed floor signage.­  The Heskins production process is focused around minimal waste with the fastest throughput.­  We decided to create an extremely durable self adhesive floor sign product that can be customised by the end user with ease and with no minimum order quantities.­  PermaCover is the latest addition to the PermaStripe and PermaRoute range.

PermaCover Adhesive Floor Sign Breakdown

PermaCover is produced in two different sizes that are perfect for A4 and A5.  PermaCover does not require a sign company to be involved, do need a specific designer etc, all you need is a basic office printer be it laser or inkjet, you can print in full colour, you can print onto plain paper.  The genius and unique part of PermaCover is that the end user simply does the simple part of printing the sign, PermaCover then provides a thick clear cover with a huge amount of adhesive to provide durable use, and the corners are rounded to help prevent lifting.­  To apply take the printed piece of paper and place onto the surface (ensuring that it is clean, dry and free from grease), apply the PermaCover and apply firm, even pressure.­  PermaCover can be walked on immediately after appli­cation.­  For additional safety the top surface is embossed with a mild effect to help prevent slips.  The thick transparent  cover ensures to ensure that any text or graphical definition is not lost from the floor sign, it ensures that colours remain vivid and prominent.

PermaCover Applied to Warehouse Area

PermaCover is sold in packs of 10; please enquire with one of sales repre­sen­ta­tives for more information.

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