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PermaStripe Production Line Upgraded


We are proud to announce that we have completely upgraded our PermaStripe production line. In 2019 we started our investment process, we have spent hundreds of thousands of Euros on the production line upgrade. This has included the following;

✔ Completely automated line. It is all centrally controlled with each station providing feedback to the control system. It is now one person operating the entire line from start to finish.

✔ Automated winding and cutting. The line feeds exactly 30m, a guillotine then cuts at the exact length and it then seamlessly feeds onto the next rewind core to ensure no downtime, no waste and no labour.

✔ Better quality control. As the line now has 100% feedback to the control system we have perfect quality control, the software spots a potential problem before it happens then corrects it using heat, pressure or tension controls. This guarantees 100% quality.

✔ Full adhesive coverage. We are the only company that can coat to the edge, no one else has been able to manage this, they will tell you that it is impossible, it isn’t if you really want to. We invested heavily in automated guidance systems. These ensure that the PermaStripe is at the same exact spot for the adhesive to be added, we can then coat directly to the edge. If an adhesive material is to fail, it never fails in the middle, It fails on the edge if it is kicked. Lack of adhesive will result in the product lifting.

✔ More reliability. Our production line is now more durable and we can be certain that we can run the line 24/7, which we often do!

✔ Heskins is the only actual manufacturer in the world. We do not outsource it, we don’t ask plastic manufacturers to make it for us, we produce it all, in-house, on our machinery. We control all processes, we ensure that only the best plastic is used, we ensure that only the best adhesive is used. If you want a very large quantity of a certain colour or size but you need it urgently, no problem, we simply change the production schedule to make it happen.

✔ New hazard formats. Have you seen our new version under-surface black/yellow, red/white and black/white PermaStripe? The colour cannot be scuffed, it looks amazing! Previously we could not produce this, with this new line, we can!

As you can see, our new investment is incredible. We decided that instead of struggling through we would heavily invest. We are grateful to the expertise of a superb plastic process engineering consultant and the internal Heskins team who worked tirelessly through all the obstacles. We are certain that no other company has automated this type of product line to this extent so it was a challenge! For 2021 we already have two completely different product groups that we run through our line and we cannot wait to show them to you all!



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