Printed Anti Slip Warning Tape

Printed Anti Slip Warning Tape is something that we receive many requests for.  Many customers commonly want to make a hazardous area not only safe for foot traffic but also prominently highlighted as a risk area; most customers prefer to do this by warning text.  As a bespoke print onto safety-grip requires certain minimum order quantities, we decided that the best way to stop disappointing clients would be to create a standard print that would cover most of the requests which we receive; we now have two standard prints on rolls and two on cut pieces.

75mmx18.3m rolls, yellow safety-grip base with black text (the text is repeated along the length of the tape)

Printed Anti Slip Warning Tape French Printed Anti Slip Warning Tape

H3416 ATTENTION-DANGER                                                    H3416​SEUIL DE DISCRETION

150mmx610mm, yellow safety-grip base with black text

Caution Anti Slip Warning TapeWatch Your Step Anti Slip Warning Tape

H3413 CAUTION                                                                       H3413​ WATCH YOUR STEP

We chose the colours as they are vibrant with high levels of contrast between the two creating something highly visible.

We can create bespoke texts, please enquire for minimum order quantities and lead times.

The upper surface is our superb mineral coated anti slip surface.  The anti slip is tested to German DIN, EU/Australian Pendulum and American ASTM standards, all test results prove that the Heskins Printed Anti Slip Warning Tape are in excess of any legislation.  The anti slip surface provides sure foot levels of grip in any situation, as an abrasive product it is not easily clogged by dirt, dust or other contaminants.  Once applied correctly the safety-grip is extremely tough and not readily affected by chemicals, it will provide durable use.  Printed non slip warning tape can be applied onto almost any surface, interior or exterior.  If applied onto an external porous surface (wood, concrete or stone etc) we recommend the use of H3506 Primer prior to application, for heavy duty fittings we recommend H3502 around the edge.

For more information or to place an order, you can contact us by phone, live chat or the contact us form on the website.