Safety Grip™ – Anti Slip Grip Tape from Heskins Ltd

Heskins original anti-slip grip tape is Safety-Grip, abrasive minerals applied to a self-adhesive filmic carrier. Manufactured primarily for industrial envi­ron­ments, Safety-Grip can be used for many other appli­cations.­ Back in 1997, Heskins developed the hard-wearing and effective product that is still to date our most popular range.­ Over the years we have constantly added to and developed the range; surface variants, more colours, different adhesives, special prints and bespoke additions.

We produce Safety-Grip™ in 3 main grades;

  • Standard – used for most situations, the abrasive coatings provide excellent levels of grip and friction.
  • Coarse – a deeper material, it is an industrial-grade grip tape, which might not be suitable for more conventional appli­cations.
  • X-coarse – a unique product, nothing else in the world comes close, only suitable for industrial situations, the deep grit prevents clogging by dirt or dust.  Due to its thickness, we apply a higher grade (HG) adhesive to prevent lifting, and a thicker plastic carrier is used to increase durability.
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Standard Safety Grip

Product code H3401

Coarse Safety Grip

Product code H3402

Extra Coarse Safety Grip

Product code H3402NUC

Glow in the Dark Anti Slip Tape

Product code H3403

Marine Anti Slip Tape

Product code H3460

Conformable Traction Tape

Product code H3406

Anti Slip Bolt Down Plates

Product code H3409

Thick Safety Grip

Product code H3404

Anti Slip Walkway

Product code H3416

Removable Anti Slip Tape

Product code H3427

Safety-Grip™ tape can be applied onto almost any surface and instantly provides an anti-slip surface that is ready to walk on, if applying onto an external porous surface we recommend the use of Heskins H3506 primer prior to instal­la­tion.

To ensure that our customers make the correct impression, we produce Safety-Grip™ in a vast range of colours. Please see each product page for specific colour options.

On request, we can produce our Safety-Grip™ anti slip grip tape to any RAL or Pantone reference. Please enquire for minimum order quantities and turnover times, as naturally, bespoke colour options can take a bit longer to produce than off the shelf products.

Heskins invests heavily in its post-production conversion capabi­lities, we can create Safety Grip™ tape rolls in any width from 19mm (down to 10mm for special requ­ire­ments) up to 1168mm.­ If specific tolerances are required we can produce accurately using plus or minus tolerances. View the services page to learn more.

Shapes are easily die-cut to any anti-slip grip tape, our web-fed presses use rule tooling, accurate to 0.1mm.  Any shape is possible. Our die-cutting machines are computer-controlled and allow, fast production with minimal labour costs.

Resellers can also receive anti-slip grip tape ready packaged with their specific brand label or printed packaging. This all ties in with our post-production processes, as we can provide them in smaller packs, suitable for retail purposes, or full-length roll types for industrial resale, the choice is yours!

Watch our video on Safety Grip™ anti slip tape internal application on stairs, below:

You can view the rest of our instruc­tional videos here.