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Slip Protection on Military Vehicles


Slip-protection on military vehicles is one of the many key aspects of optimal operation. Read about the anti-slip tape we offer for army transport below.

In the military sphere, where efficiency and safety are paramount, vehicles’ anti-slip protection plays a pivotal role. Let’s delve deeper into how Heskins’ anti-slip tape solutions offer unparalled assistance in maintaining traction underfoot on military transport.

Handling military vehicles is a herculean task requiring a multitude of strategies to ensure peak operation. Among the many factors that capture our attention, slip protection is an area we devote significant resources to. Why so? Consider the crucial moments during operations when our soldiers need to enter, exit or move within these transport machines. A steady footing in these instances could spell the difference between success and mishap. But where does our anti-slip tape feature in this critical narrative?

Depending on the military vehicle design, the tape can be applied in multiple areas to optimise traction. These could be steps for secure entry and exit, footwells & operation pedals, and even the hull surface to ensure safe movement from one bay to another. Now, you might be asking, “what anti-slip products do we recommend for these purposes?” Let’s explore below.



Safety-Grip, Heskins flagship product, offers abrasive anti-slip material with a legacy dating back to 1997. We’ve seen this material evolve significantly over time, with the base product and its variations undergoing multiple rounds of innovations. The tape is available in three key grades: standard, coarse and extra coarse, each tailored to specific vehicle applications based on the conditions its operators are exposed to. Are you curious about chemical resistant or thick Safety-Grip options? Learn more by visiting their respective product pages.


Coarse Resilient

More suited for army transport interiors, coarse resilient anti slip tape is a non-abrasive safety tape, that possesses high levels of CoF (Coefficient of Friction). It is kind to bare skin and clothing while providing exceptional grip. Passenger bays would benefit greatly from the use of coarse resilient anti slip tape, due to it’s non-abrasive, easy to clean surface. Many variants are available, including thinner and thicker versions.

On the other hand, we have Coarse Resilient tape, particularly suited for military transport interiors. This non-abrasive safety tape offers high levels of CoF (Coefficient of Friction) and is gentle on bare skin and clothing while ensuring exceptional grip. The passenger bays, thanks to the tape’s non-abrasive and easy-to-clean surface, would greatly benefit from its application. Intrigued about our other variants, like thinner and thicker versions? They’re all available for your perusal.


Marine-Anti Slip Tape

Manufactured for the marine industry, Heskins marine anti-slip tape can also lend itself to other areas, such as army transport. It’s grip enhancing S2 glass bead surface provides exceptional grip while not being abrasive, making it suitable for many areas on a vehicle. It’s ability to be used on all surfaces is not only for it’s great slip-protection, but it is also very easy to clean. So much so, you can easily clean it with a map. Something not possible on standard abrasive, as the surface will destroy any cleaning equipment such as that.

Next, meet our Marine Anti-Slip Tape, initially developed for the marine industry but equally beneficial for military transport. Its S2 glass bead surface enhances grip without being abrasive, making it ideal for various areas on a vehicle. But, the best part? It’s effortless to clean — so much so that you can do it with a mop, a task unthinkable for standard abrasive surfaces that can damage cleaning equipment.



Another non-abrasive from our line up of safety tapes. Chosen due to its ability to be applied around extreme angles. The reason this is possible as FlowGrip is very thin, while remaining durable, with a uniquely designed adhesive to guarantee exceptional hold.

Finally, let’s discuss FlowGrip, another non-abrasive gem from our safety tape collection. Its unique value proposition lies in its ability to adhere around extreme angles. Thanks to its thin yet durable construction and an uniquely designed adhesive, FlowGrip offers an exceptional hold, making it an excellent choice for internal and some external surfaces, like handles, of military vehicles featuring angular surfaces.

Ensuring optimal safety with our products is more than a business; it’s a commitment to support those who serve our nation. We hope this exploration of our product range has piqued your interest. Are there other questions about these or other Heskins products you would like us to address? Do not hesitate to reach out to us. We stand ready to support you with your slip protection needs.

As many military vehicles feature angular surfaces, FlowGrip is a great option as slip-protection for internal and some external surfaces, such as handles.


Should you wish to discuss these products, or discuss your requirements for another recommendation, then speak to our sales team via live chat or phone. Alternatively complete the contact us form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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