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Reflective Tape


In an ever-evolving world where safety is paramount, Heskins, a leading supplier of reflective tapes and anti-slip tapes, presents an exceptional solution for enhanced visibility and accident prevention. Introducing H6602…

Printed Anti Slip Tape


There is something irresistibly invigorating about plunging into a refreshing swimming pool, especially on a hot summer day. However, the fun of swimming can quickly turn into a hazard without…



Heskins Ltd is a tape manufacturer that takes its environmental policies seriously. In recent years, we have made significant efforts to reduce synthetic packaging and transition towards more sustainable alternatives.…

Heskins Videos


At Heskins, we supply three grades of our Safety-Grip anti-slip tape, these being H3401 Standard Safety-Grip, H3402 Coarse Safety-Grip and H3402_UC Extra Coarse Safety-Grip. These three grades all provide different…

Tape Ancillaries


Our anti-slip tape is without an equal but it needs a good application to be fully effective, let’s talk about that. The industrial floor tape that Heskins produces is not…



Anti-slip tape H3407 is an unusual material designed and produced for a specific visibility task. It is an anti-slip tape we have been produced for over 20 years but never…



We are now manufacturing H3402W Coarse Safety-Grip in white, we had many requests over the years and we really should have done it sooner. What is coarse anti-slip tape? The…



Aerated grip tapes are an effective way to easy apply an abrasive non-slip material whilst ensuring that there are no air bubbles. With a conventional grip tape it is always…



Slippery floors are a significant safety hazard, especially in industrial environments where spills and liquids are common. Slip and fall accidents can lead to injuries, downtime, and even lawsuits. As…



Industrial floor tape solutions We manufacture PermaStripe inhouse and are so very proud of it! The thickest floor industrial marking tape in the world, it comes with a unique 3…



Since 2022 Is coming to a close, and what a year it has been at Heskins! We want to say a few words and update you on our operating times…

Non-Slip Fabric


At Heskins, we take safety seriously, and we are committed to assisting hauliers, paper reel manufacturers, and distributors in conforming to EN12195-1:2010 standards. These standards are designed to address the…

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