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Anti Slip Tape for Marine Applications


We always want the Worlds most diverse, durable and cost-effective anti-slip range. With the addition of marine anti slip tape, we have taken a step closer.

A large, ever-increasing, field for our products is used as a marine anti-slip tape. Up until 2010 we never felt we had a complete range, we wanted to have the world’s widest, most effective and, very importantly, most competitively priced range. With the developments made on our coarse resilient, H3418s, H3435s and Tenura we have exceeded our remit, all great for using as non-slip material for boats, showers, baths, swimming pools and other wet areas. Heskins was recently proud to sponsor the Mundo Marino Platu 25 boat in its competition success. We provided our standard Safety-Grip. The Safety-Grip is a common material for marine environments where an extreme level of grip is required, the abrasive surface ensures that footing is never lost in even the most extreme environment; ideal for competitive racing where every second counts.

Our marine range now encompasses;

Marine Anti Slip Tape

Heskins H3460 is a marine-specific anti-slip tape, which is salt resistant and designed to cope with marine environments while being kind to bare skin. Available in 4 colours for immediate dispatch.


A durable and effective anti-slip tape, possessing extreme levels of coefficient of friction (grip). A wide variety of colours are offered and we are always happy to offer rolls, sheets or die cuts.


Our most successful marine non-slip material, non-abrasive so ideal for barefoot application yet offers a good coefficient of friction (CoF), available in the most popular colours.

Coarse Resilient

A unique non-abrasive material that takes grip levels to another level without any harsh grit, fully waterproof and available in clear, grey or black. An exceptional material, available in many variants, including standard and lean.


Our symmetrical non-abrasive material becomes ever more popular! Dependent on volume, it can be produced in any colour.


Our new and exciting ribbed H3435 non-slip product, the potential uses for this product are endless.


A rubber-like material with a tacky feel. Provides excellent slip protection and cushioning for comfort.

Non-Slip Fabric

Heskins non-slip fabric is available in many variants, with adhesive and non-adhesive options available. This can be used on table and counter surfaces to place objects on, used on seating or on the floor for more comfort.

View the rest of the products on the Heskins website. To find out more information, or to order, you can speak to our sales team by phone or live chat. Alternatively, complete the contact us form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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