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High-Intensity Reflective Tape

Product code: H6604

  • Glass bead technology
  • Reflects most of the light back to the source
  • Large chevrons increase visibility
  • Available in left and right hand
  • Widths from 15mm to 1220mm
  • Overview
  • Colours

H6604 high-intensity reflective tape is now available from Heskins for immediate dispatch. It is a glass bead reflective tape, suitable for large vehicles, plant equipment and signs.

How does H6604 work?

Like our DOT tape, the surface of our high-intensity reflective tape is covered in high-quality micro glass beads. The honeycomb formation in which they have applied means that when a light is shone onto the material’s surface, the majority of it is reflected back in a wide cone which increases visibility in most conditions significantly! This increases safety by drastically reducing the risk of collision by poor visibility.

The quality of this material ensures it not only meets DIN 30710 but DIN 67520 and DIN 6171 respectively.

The surface is covered in red/white chevrons with a linear width of 100mm and ‘Din 30710/67250’ printed on the edge of every white chevron. The particularly larger chevrons compared to most hazard marking tapes can be seen from a greater distance which allows for increased hazard perception.


For our customers, we can provide conspicuity tape rolls in widths from 15mm to 1220mm and standard roll lengths are 45.7m. Die-cut pieces in any shape are also available. Dispatch times will vary depending on size and shape requests.

Left & Right Hand

There are 2 variants available in left and right hand, where the chevrons are simply angled the opposite way, allowing for an enhanced, aesthetic appearance during application if required.

H6604 High-Intensity Reflective Tape Left Hand + Right Hand Dimensions Heskins Ltd


For more information, or to place an order you can contact the Heskins sales team by phone, Live Chat or fill out the contact us form and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.


Pantone / RAL
Red: 485 U / 3001
White: 427 U / 7036

Average LRV
Red: 11.95
White: 33.9

Red / White

Light Reflectance Values

Product code Colour Av. LRV Range
H6602 Red / White 11.95 / 33.9 2.74 / 8.91

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